Tuesday, 12 June 2012

£1 Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe Dupe?

Hello lovely ladies.

Poundland is one of my very favourite shops. It stocks everything you could need, and a lot of stuff you don't. It's recently been a treasure trove for beauty goodies, and yesterday it came up trumps again!

Chit Chat nail varnish in Aerial. Chit Chat aren't a brand I'm familiar with, I think they are exclusively stocked at Poundland but I'm not sure. It caught my eye straight away, as it looked fairly similar to Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe, a £16 nail varnish that has been getting a lot of attention from me, but it's just too close to £20 for my budget. 

The varnish is a mix of blue and green glitter in a clear varnish. So on to the swatches!

One thick coat. The first thing I noticed about the varnish was that it was a lot less glitter and a lot more of the clear varnish. 

Two thick coats. As with most glitters getting a full coverage was pretty difficult, but the clear varnish is fairly runny so you could drain it off and just coat on the glitter.

In the end I decided to paint it over my very favourite varnish at the moment, Essie Ballet Slippers, to use it as a glittery top coat. I'm really pleased with how this turned out.

So is it a dupe?

(image via google)

Yes and no. Although it's a blue and green glitter, across the universe is much darker and is the background varnish is also much darker. As for quality they are around the same (I have swatched across the universe several times) but I think with glitter as long as you have a good top coat they will always feel similar in quality, Deborah Lippmann's background varnish however is much higher quality. 

However, for £1 you really can't go wrong! As well as Aerial they had a bronze and a gold glitter in the Bristol city centre store, but I've also heard of a multi coloured glitter which is a Happy Birthday / OPI Rainbow Connection dupe that I will be hunting down!

Anyone fancy a £1 glitter varnish now?



  1. Essence blue addicted is the best dupe I have found so far :)

    1. Oooh I'll keep my eyes open for that, thanks hun x

  2. This is pretty, definitely a top coater though and not a standalone :) x

  3. Its quite good for £1 isn't it! I often find glitter nail polishes are difficult to work with for me, no matter what the price
    and I love the Essie shade you used it with- looks beautiful :)


    1. Thank you lovely, I really like Essie at the moment ^^ x

  4. I was only in there the other day! I may have to go back to see if mine has any of this!

    I'm hoping they will have the rainbow one, I have a glitter addiction!



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