Friday, 27 July 2012

Chubby Stick Dupe - Chit Chat Juicy Stick

Hello lovely ladies.

I mentioned earlier in the week that in my Poundland haul I had picked up a Chit Chat in Juicy Stick in Peony, which from the packaging alone looked like a clear dupe from Clinques Chubby Stick, so I thought I'd do a little review of it.

Even from the packet it looks so similar to the Chubby Stick! 

The packaging is a thick plastic, with a clear plastic lid. The product screw up from the bottom. The only slight complaint about the packaging is that the Juicy Stick wobbles from side to side as it doesn't fit particularly well, but if you turn it upside down it stays in place so its not too bad!

As with the Chubby Stick the stick is shaped lip a thick crayon, for easy application. My only worry about this is using one side more than the other and ending up cutting the end off by accident! So on to the swatches!

The colour, Peony, is a soft pink. Once I applied it to the lips I became extremely impressed with this lovely little Poundland purchase! The Stick is very balm and leaves just the right amount of colour. It doesn't feel sticky at all (which I personally cannot stand!). After an hours there's still a good amount of product left of my lips & they felt extremely moisturized. Double thumbs up! But is it a dupe?

(Photo via here)

The above photo is of the Clinque Chubby Stick in Pudgy Peony. I have swatched it on my hand in store previously and the colour is almost exactly the same, the Clinque version is slightly darker. The Clinques Chubby Stick is (pardon the pun) slightly fatter, and of course the packaging for the Chubby Stick is more luxurious than the Chit Chat version, but seeing as you could buy 16 Chit Chat Juicy Sticks for the same price as 1 Chubby Stick, I think I'll stick with the Chit Chat.

Chit Chat Juicy Sticks are available from Poundland nation wide, available in several other colours, which I will be picking up as soon as I can, I couldn't recommend these enough!

Have you tried any Chit Chat products? Have I tempted you to give the purse a rest? 



  1. So fun! I love the color. I don't know what it is about the Chubby sticks that makes me want one so badly!

    1. It reminds me of big crayons :D x

  2. I keep seeing these and I'm yet to take the plunge and actually buy one!

    Lola ..x

    1. I think for a quid they are worth a go :D x

  3. I saw these but wasn't sure if they were worth it. Looks lovely though!
    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

    1. I think they are really nice, worth a go for a quid :D x

  4. Ooooh ooh I think I'll 'invest' in this one ;) Will keep an eye out x

  5. this is such an amazing find, I'm obsessed with finding dupes! Lovely blog, now following :) xxx


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