Friday, 12 October 2012

Products I Love, Like & Loathe

Hello lovely ladies. 

Today I thought I'd share with you products that I'm loving, liking & loathing at the moment.

A bit of a mixed bag, so which one is which?


I loved this eye primer more than words could say! For a start the packaging is adorable, a really cute plastic pot with a sweet bow on top, but the packaging pales in comparison to how good the primer actually is. It's extremely thick & creamy, you only need the a very thin layer & my eyeshadow / eye pigments will stay in place all day without any creasing, I couldn't recommend this product enough. It costs around $16.99 but its worth every penny!


I've never really found an eye cream that works for me, but I had a sample of It's Potent! and fell in love instantly. It's a thick cream, and really helps to combat my under eye circles. The only reason it's a like & not a love is that at £23.50 a pot it's the upper UPPER limit of what I can afford to spend on skin care.


Wella Balance Scalp Serum. 
I received this in my September Beautylicious bag & was really looking forward to it. However my excitement for this product was extremely short lived. The second I unscrewed the extremely tight, sharp lid I was hit with the stench of alcohol. I thought this must be wrong & gave it a little shake, expecting the scent of the product to rise to the top. It didn't. It smells exactly like straight vodka, which is just vile. The second gripe I have with the product is that its called a serum. It's not. A serum would indicate it's slightly thick, but it's not, it's like water. The idea of the product is to put it on after washing your hair, to help your scalps health & in turn it will help your hair to grow. If you put this on after washing your hair would smell like you'd spent all morning in the pub! The only way I've been able to use this product is by sticking in on before bed & tying my hair up. I have about a 3rd of the bottle left & I can honestly say I don't think it's made a difference to my hair at all. If I was giving this product stars I can only say I'd give it zero. 

So that's what I'm loving, liking & loathing at the moment, how about you ladies?


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  1. I love It's Potent I just finished my second sample pot of it and I really want the full size I just wish it was cheaper.
    : ]


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