Friday, 2 November 2012

My First MAC Lipstick: Angel

Hello lovelies.

I know, my first MAC lipstick! This seems like a bit of a beauty blogger faux pas, however I have lusted after one for a long time. Angel. I've swatched it more time than I could count, but every time I convinced myself I didn't need it, and just as the point I thought I'd finally take it off the wish list and put it in to my pretty Muji draws, the price went up, sitting it at just under £15, which put it straight back on the wish list.

That was until my boyfriend went to Dublin last weekend, and if you follow me of Instagram (it's jetley if you fancy it) you may of seen he bought me home a couple of gifts, including a small, sleek cardboard MAC box as a lovely surprise. He bought me Angel from duty free! Which was very sweet but I'm not sure if it was maybe a bit of a gift for himself, to save him from another 30 minutes at the MAC counter with me showing him the same lipstick swatch over and over again. So, on to the lipstick & swatches!

So here it is! The first thing to mention about any MAC lipstick is the packaging. No bells and whistles, just a sleek matte black plastic which feels a little more luxurious than a "drug store" lipstick. 

I would describe Angel a light to medium pink, and I'm not sure there's anything more satisfying to look at than a brand new lipstick! 

Swatched on the back of my hand you can see that as this a "Frost" lipstick it has a slight shimmer but not as much as a "Glaze" lipstick would have. 

Excuse the awkward half smile. On the lips, for me, it's the most perfect lipstick ever. I've never been someone that likes to wear really "out there" colours, so its enough colour for me that I feel I could wear it every day. It's also not sticky at all, which is a personal bug bare of mine. If a lip product is stick I just can't wear it, no matter how much I love the colour. And in case you were wondering, yes I really am that pale! 

Overall I am so pleased with this lipstick, it's a great every day lipstick and I've already worn it every day since I got it, which is unusual for me as I'm not someone that often wears lip products! 

However ladies, I can see this being the start of an expensive addiction, so, what are you favourite MAC lipsticks?



  1. This is such a lovely colour :) I'll be getting my first MAC lipstick for Christmas, so excited :) x

  2. This is a gorgeous colour, I got this while on holiday as for me it's one of the best nudes I own :) The first mac lipstick is always bad as it will lead to many, I have too many to count as I get one nearly every month lol. My all time favourite mac lippie is CremeCup :)


  3. Ooh such a perfect colour and it looks SO lovely on you <3

    Jennie xo |

  4. Pretty colour :)! xx

  5. Angel is my favourite Mac lipstick and the only one I've re-purchased...three times! x

  6. You picked a lovely shade - something you will get alot of wear from. I only have 2 Mac lipsticks as I will only buy them at duty free. I have Hue & Bombshell - I love them both.

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