Saturday, 15 December 2012

Lush Angel's Delight Soap Review

Hello lovelies.

I mentioned on my Wednesday Wishlist I was lusting after the Lush Angel's Delight, and ended up caving and buying it as I was at the end of the Mr Punch Soap. 

Angel's Delight is part of the Christmas range at Lush so it's only available for a couple of months of the year, however this isn't a new edition and I believe it's a few years old now. 

Angel's Delight in the solid bar in the shop is a multi coloured soap, with a large yellow moon wrapped around one side, but short of spending a whole months rent on a large soap moon, I opted for a piece of the pink section, as I want a whole moon or no moon! In some of the larger gift sets you can get a small shrunken down moon angel delights soap, which I wish, wish wish wish came separately! I find that the Lush Christmas range scents fall in to one of two categories, spicy or sweet, Angel's Delight definitely falls in to the sweet section, it smells of a mixture of jelly babies, oranges and jelly beans! If your not a fan of very, very sweet scents this may not be the soap for you!

I bought 100 grams, which is more than enough, as Lush soaps last a long, long time, and honestly almost a bit too long. I do wish that Lush sold the soap starting at 50 grams, as a 100 gram wedge will last several months and the last part can be hard to use as it's need more lathering than other soaps. I've started splitting the soap in half, sticking half in the soap holder and half in the shower. Angel's Delight has to be  one of the longest lasting soap scents on the skin, lasting several hours between washes. 

Angel's Delight costs £2.95 per 100 grams here or in store.

What's your favourite Lush soap lovely ladies?



  1. I got this soap in a Lush gift box last year and it was in the shape of a star :) I love it, it smells amazing! :)

    Frances xx

  2. I still have some of this from last year :') x

  3. Which one is better? Angel's Delight or Mr Punch? Are they similar?


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