Thursday, 24 January 2013

Zoya Nail Varnish In Charla

Hello lovelies. 

Have you ever had something on your wishlist for so long your not sure why you didn't buy it sooner? For me, the Zoya nail varnish in Charla is something I wish I'd bought sooner! It's been on my wish list for about a year, and I've stood in front of the Zoya stand in House of Fraser so many times it was getting silly! So here's my review! 

I have to say the Zoya bottle is one of my favourites, it's square but rounded, and the reason for that is they sit neatly in a line! It's a gorgeous metallic greeny blue with gold micro glitter. It's eye catching in the bottle, so on to the swatches! 

One coat. The fab thing about Zoya nail varnishes is that with one coat it's completely opaque, but it's also buildable, so you can just do one coat if your in a rush or more if you want a deeper colour pay off. I was having a tough time picking up the gold micro glitter, which is a lot more obvious in real life! 

Two coats. The colour is much deeper with two coats, and the glitter build up is a little more obvious. 

Zoya are a fab company & all the nail varnishes are free from toxins such as camphor, DBP (phthalates), toluene, and formaldehyde. I only have two other Zoya nail varnishes but they are also fantastic, Zoya are slowly becoming a firm favourite.

Zoya nail varnishes are around £9.95 each if you have a stockist near you, but if not you can buy Charla here for £10.50 delivered.

So ladies,  have you tried any Zoya nail varnishes? If so, whats your favourite?



  1. this is my biggest want in nail polish, so to find out you found the best one in house of fraser i checked out the website and there's none on there :(

  2. How pretty!! I also like zoya quality. X


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