Wednesday, 13 February 2013

MAC Archie's Girls Vernoica's Pearlmatte Face Powder Review

Hello lovely ladies.

Since the first image teaser image started going around blogger I knew that one item was going to be mine, come hell or high water. The Pearlmatte blushers. So when they were released early on Selfridges I tried hard, REALLY HARD, to resist, due to what I'd call excessive postage (more on that later) I managed to last a full 24 hours before cracking! So here it is, the Veronica's Pearlmatte Blush.

The Archie's Girls packaging has been a bit of a hit or miss with a lot of bloggers, I personally think its super adorable, a bit kitsch. The packing is a high gloss white & features Archie, with Betty & Veronica either side. It also has a nice, large mirror inside the compact, which I really like so I grab it on the go.

Inside the blush is one of the most adorable designs I've ever seen. It's a pale pink in colour with 3 darker pink hearts. I personally love make up that has a nice design, and even though it doesn't really add anything if it is, it will certainly make me smile every time I use it!

I swirled the dark & light pinks & this was a result, it's a light pink with a tiny bit of silver running through it, but theres no shimmer or glitter in sight, which is unlike most other blushers I own! Once applied to the face it's a very soft gentle colour & quite sheer, which makes it a perfect every day blusher! Now I just need to talk myself out of wanting the Betty Pearlmatte Blusher! I must repeat to myself I only need one... ! 

At the moment, the Archie's Girl collection is only available from Selfridges here, and they don't have the full collection (the brushes, make up bag, tote etc aren't available) which although it was nice to be able to get it early, there is one problem with it, the price of postage. Which is an eye watering £4.95 for standard delivery (yes I know, and I did hate myself just a little bit for paying it, but I guess it puts a price on my impatience!), and although lots of people did get their orders in around 24 hours mine took 4 days, which I know for next time! However, if you have more patience than I, the Archies collection is estimated to be in stores by the end of the month. 

So ladies, tell me is this collection a hit or miss for you? If it is a hit what bits are you lusting after?



  1. I would buy this just for the packaging! No way would I have paid that for shipping x

  2. Selfridges delivery is insane, I wish all companies did what ASOS do and offer a super saver option for free, it might take a bit longer but I'd always choose that!
    This is beautiful tho, reminds me of my fave blushed by W7, Angel :)

  3. I really want this but cannot bring myself to spend that on postage! x

  4. I'm not a fan of the packaging but product is beautiful!! X

  5. i really want this it's so beautiful but I hate the cheap looking white plastic they've got this collection in :( puts me right off xxx

  6. It looks so beautiful! love the shimmer! I agree, expensive postage. Good post:)

    Shabby Chic and Tea♥


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