Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Lynnderella Indie Nail Polish In Matter Of The Heart

Hello lovelies. 

When it comes to indie (independent) nail polish there are 101 ways to go, in all different styles, and in all different price brackets. But there is one brand out there in the nail world that really holds it own, Lynnderella. They are simultaneously one of the most beautiful brands out there & one of the most expensive, and on top of that in the UK, the most difficult to buy (but more on that later). I've finally managed to track one down, so here it is!

Matter Of The Heart is baby pink multi glitter with pearly white heart sequins thrown in for good measure. I love the Lynnderella bottles, as I prefer square bottles as when they are lined up they look neater, and the sticker on the front is hand written in beautiful hand writing. It's almost too beautiful to open, but in the interest on showing you what it looks like, here's a swatch! 

I have to say, this is probably the most beautiful nail varnish I own! I painted two coats & had to fish a sequin heart out, but it applies amazingly, really smoothly even with the larger glitter pieces. It is utterly stunning! 

But there is one teeny, tiny little problem with Lynnderella & being in the UK. They don't ship here. They have an eBay store here which only sends within the US & Canada so unless you have friends in the US nice enough to buy & send it to you, you have to get creative. Personally I bought mine from a group on Facebook called Nail Sale here, but there are lots of other nail varnish selling groups around so it's worth looking around. 

But then there is a second problem with Lynnderella. They do not come cheap. The standard price for a bottle (excluding LE) is $23, which is about £15.50. Factor in lots of hassle getting it in the country, they can get expensive. Personally I paid £14 without delivery, but with all that said, if you can find one that you love enough, they are very, very special. 

So ladies, have you tried any indie nail polish? If so which brand is your favourite?



  1. This is such a pretty nail polish! How annoying you can't get it in the UK :( Would love to have it! xx


  2. I've wanted to try a Lynnderella polish for ages, they're stunning.

  3. I love nail varnishes like this! Beautiful xx

  4. This is SO pretty. Having said that, I don't understand why people love Lynderella so much over other indie brands. Saying *that* I wouldn't complain if someone bought me one!

  5. OMG this is soooo beautiful! Aughhr that's annoying i really want the 'When the Moon was a Star' shade (so pretty!) but i can't find any sellers that ship to the uk :( I have such an unhealthy obsession with nail varnishes! My life will not be complete unless one of these are in my grasp! haha
    Lovely blog by the way! :p
    Issy xx

    1. That is so funny because I've just bought that one! On the nail sale group I posted a link to above someone is actually selling that (shes in america but is shipping to the uk) or if you post & ask someone might have one for sale :D

  6. Wow this is so unique, I love it!
    The price is expensive though isn't it...I say we make our own!
    Amy xx

  7. That's so pretty, I love the little hearts in it! I prefer square bottles too and the packaging on this is beautiful. Shame it's so expensive though :(


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