Wednesday, 24 April 2013

MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC5

Hello lovelies. 

On Tuesday we had the first sunny, actually sunny actually warm day we've had this year, a day where I went out without a coat, and was warm! But when I was doing my make up I reached for something, something that wasn't there. Pressed Powder. It's something I never find myself needing in the colder months, but in the warmer months I find my skin getting shiny and my BB cream in need of something to set it. After a quick look around I found the one I wanted, and not unusually, it was MAC shaped. 

Having not had any of the MAC skin range before I had no idea what shade I was, so primarily I reached for NC15, which everyone & their dog seems to be, but no, no where near. I am probably the palest person I know, so it was hardly surprising that I was the palest shade. I went for the Select Sheer as I prefer a very light coverage when it comes to anything face-wise, and also because its so velvety and soft! It's the softest powder I've ever felt, and it's down to the Silica in the formula.

Also as a side note, a little annoying that I was given such a battered box, however I don't keep the boxes & the inside was fine, but still a little annoying! 

I love MACs sleek packaging, and in the case of the Select Sheer it also comes with a handy mirror inside the lid & a MAC powder puff, which I love so you can stick it in your handbag to top up on the go without having to fumble about trying to find another mirror. 

So this is a before shot, and as the day of sunny weather was fleeting my shine is pretty low, but on a warmer day my skin gets a pretty amazing "glaze" (mmm yummy face glaze).

And this is with the Select Sheer powder. As you can see it gives a very light coverage, but it definitely gives coverage none the less. 

So, I'd give this product an A+, it's light on the skin & lasts several hours before needing to be topped up, and gives a great coverage without making the skin look totally flat. I can see this being a go to product! 

However, it's not particularly purse friendly product, coming in at £20 on the nose, but after swatching a lot of powders from every end I knew this was the one for me. Select Sheer comes in 13 different shades & can be purchased from MAC here

So ladies, are you finding any gaps in your spring / summer make up? If so what are you planning to add?



  1. Great review, I'm looking into buying a MAC powder this spring, so this really helped xx


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