Thursday, 6 June 2013

Birmingham Haul

Hello lovelies.

Yesterday I went to Birmingham for my best friend Alis Birthday. The plan was to shop, and shop we did!

We ended up going to a fair few shops, and from how my feet are feeling today I think we probably did a fair bit of walking!

One of the first shops we went in to was Muji, a shop I wish I could get to more often! I could wander round & just look at things for hours. I was tempted to get another set of storage drawers, but the idea of lugging them round all day didn't seem to appealing so I ended up just picking up this Japanese pear candle, as I've heard really good things about them, and at £3.50 I was willing to find out if they were any good!

Next stop was Cyber Candy, which I personally made a beeline for as I went to one of the Cyber Candy in London last year, and it was just amazing. The one in Birmingham was a lot smaller, but jammed full of lots & lots of yummies! 

There are a few American sweet shops in Bristol, but they are pretty rubbish & very over priced compared to Cyber Candy, for example the pack of Twizzlers were £1.50, in Bristol the same is around the £5 mark. I picked up a few boxes of Swedish Fish as they are my all time favourite, as well as a smaller pack of the Swedish Fish Aqua Life as I hadn't seen them before. A very select amount of Jelly Belly in flavours I hadn't seen before such as Peach & Lemon lime, A few Cow Tales as seemingly only Cyber Candy sells them in the U.K, Air Heads for my Boyfriend as he loves them & they were only 39p each, and some Cookies & Cream Cookie Bites as I've never had them because again in Bristol they are around £4 a box, and I paid around £1.80. Oh Cyber Candy I love you so much!

The other shop we made a beeline for was Selfridges, which is the only shop I really miss from living in Manchester. I have to say though, the beauty bit was slightly disappointing as it was a lot smaller than I thought it would be, but I still managed to walk away with two bits!

This has to be one of the more ridiculous things I've ever bought, but I'd wanted some hair perfume for a while, as I tried some really expensive hair perfume in Harvey Nichols & was surprised how every time I moved my head I got a lovely whiff of it, so when I spotted this Nicki Minaj Pink Friday hair mist I was sold! I actually really like this perfume, but not enough to justify the terrible / amazing ( I can't decide if I love or hate it's tackiness!) bottle itself. It's really sweet & fruity, and I gave it a test on the hair & it smelt amazing, so I was sold. At £12.50 it was the upper end of what I would of been willing to pay, but as I'd never seen one before I decided not to leave it.

Next up was the one brand I've always wanted to try something from, but having no stands near by, I never have, Illmasqua! We spent quite a while browsing the stand, and although they have a lot of nice things most of it was all a bit out there for me, which I think is the point! But the nail varnishes were all calling my name, and if I was a richer lady I could of given a couple of them a home! I ended up going for Pink Raindrops as it's limited edition, and oh so pretty! 

I will review this soon so you can see a better representation of the colour. I've heard so many good things about these nail varnishes, that they really don't chip & give great coverage, and for an eye watering £14.50 each it better be the best thing I've ever used, ever ever ever!

Next up was the Disney store. The one in the city center of Bristol has recently shut down, so we fancied a mosey just to see whats new. As Monsters University is out next month it was stuff full of merch, and as Monsters Inc is one of my favourite Disney Pixar films I couldn't resist this Sulley mug! I find the Disney mugs tend to be quite small but this one is massive, a little bigger than the Cath Kidston mugs which is perfect as I like big mugs. 

Last but by no means least is my favourite purchase of the day, this blue butterfly Pandora charm. I saw this charm a while ago but it had been discontinued so I hope to find it another time, and I did! I spotted it in the shop in red & when I asked the sales assistant if they had any others she said they had 3 left in blue, and it was love. I actually left the shop without it and made it about 6ft away before turning back, knowing if I left without it I'd regret it! I'm so pleased I went back, although I'm now on a bit of a Pandora - bead - buying - ban as I can't seem to say no to them, in fact there is another two I want.... Oops. 

So that's it ladies, and I expect that will be the last haul from me for a while as my card is going firmly in my purse & staying there! Birmingham way too many good shops that kept calling my name!

So, just for fun, what's your favourite city to shop in? 



  1. I have to agree that our Brum Selfridges beauty section is a bit lacklustre, but in general I love shopping there! You picked up some lovely things, the charm is gorgeous. I have to say London will always have my heart, but you have to make sure you're ready to do a lot of walking and carry a lot of bags! xx

  2. That is a very cute Pandora Charm x

  3. UUUU I like the sound of hair mist :)

  4. So jealous of your Cybercandy haul I haven't been to Cybercandy in ages and that Sully mug is so cute.
    : ]

  5. I love your pandora charm! Although my charm bracelet is truth and I never wear it because even in the smallest size they do, its still a good inch too big for my tiny wrists :(


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