Thursday, 8 August 2013

I Won A £100 Shopping Voucher & How I Spent it!

Hello lovelies. 

Yesterday I was doing a normal comb through the emails, this shop has a sale, this shop has a sale, oh look another sale, spam, spam, spam, and then one email stood out, a very very exciting email! It was informing me that I had won a £100 shopping voucher from my local shopping center from a competition run through Facebook! 

Needless to say I was far too excited, but that excited doubled, if not tripled, when I read that I could choose the shop! I thought for a good while about what shop I wanted to go for, a few old favourites came to mind, and I finally settled on Harvey Nichols. 

I went for that one in the end as I cannot even remember the last time I had £100 I could just spend, guilt free, and I don't know when I will again so I decided to get a few of my "Oh I wish!!!" items that have sat on my mental wishlist! So I thought I'd show you lovely lot what I picked up. 

I have to say, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be! I thought it would take me about 10 minutes, as I had a vague idea of what I wanted, but in reality it took me about and hour and half of wandering around, picking things up, putting them down, going back to them, walking away, and so on! 

 First stop was Jo Malone, and half the reason I ended up picking Harvey Nichols! I'd been in a few days before and fallen in with a perfume I could neither afford or justify! 

The scent I picked was Earl Grey & Cucumber, earl grey has to be one of my favourite scents of all time & this perfume nails it. Jo Malone perfumes are crazy expensive, at £39 for 30mls, a voucher was the only way I would ever of owned this but I'm so glad I do! I'm going to review everything I bought soon so I'll go more in to it then! 

I decided to take a quick toilet break, which is unfortunately right next to the food hall & that almost always ends in a purchase! I picked up these Charbonnel & Walker Sea Salt & Caramel Truffles, I've eyed these up before but again, they aren't cheap so I've never tried them. They are around £10 for 120g, and I'm saving these for a rainy day (I say that now, who bets by the time I finish this blog post I'll be scoffing them?!)

Last two things! These are the two things that took me the longest time to pick! I think after a while I ended up feeling pretty overwhelmed with choices! 

I've wanted these Shu Uemura eyelash curlers for the longest time, I've read 1001 rave reviews, people saying they just don't compare anything else so I've always wanted to splash out of them, but what really sold it to me was that they had them in gold, literally how over the top, ridiculous, and down right silly are these?! I'm really excited to try these & hope they are worth £20! 

Finally, I picked up the smallest "refill" version of Molecule 01. This is another "blogger cult" item, I've seen so many reviews of this & testimonies of people coming up to you in the street to ask you what perfume your wearing, and when I spotted it finally I had to give it a smell, and again I will review it soon but I'll say for now it's the most mind bending perfume I've ever come across! I'm already trying to work out how to describe it for my post! If you after something really unusual, give this one a sniff!

So ladies, that's it! This has to be the best thing I've ever won and I feel incredibly lucky! How about you? Any good wins out there recently?



  1. Aww super jealous but well done on winning the voucher! When I saw Jo Malone on the first image I had a feeling you'd bought one of the colognes. :)

    All your purchases look lovely. ^_^

  2. Oh wow, that's amazing. I love giving Jo Malone perfumes a sniff, never actually bought one though. They are reaaaaally nice though.

    Water Painted Dreams

  3. Aw looks like an awesome way to spend your winnings! Harvey Nics was a great choice :) x


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