Friday, 21 February 2014

Superdrug Colour Radiance Hair Dye in Fire Red

Hello lovelies. 

Hair dye, we have a love / hate relationship. I hate the faff, the dyeing process, the whole shebang. But on the other hand, I love red hair, and seeing as my pleading with the universe to just grow the colour I like have gone unheard, hair dye is the only option. I've always used the Schwarzkopf XXL dyes, however they have recently changed the formula and I just haven't been happy with the results, so I've been trying out different dyes, in the effort to find a new one I really like. So today I'm reviewing the Superdrug Colour Radiance hair dye in Fire Red. 

I decided to go for the Superdrug dye simply based on price, this stuff is mega cheap! It was offer for 2 boxes for £6, and normally one box would be between £5.50 and £7. They do a lot of different reds but I thought I'd go for Fire Red as it was the brightest red of the bunch. 

Inside the box you get your usual home dye kit, creme developer, creme colour, a little pair of gloves and a small tube of conditioner. I mixed the creme colour with the developer and did my usual slop it all over my hair, paying attention to the roots first, and then the bulk of the hair. This dye was more uncomfortable on that most hair dyes I've used recently, and I found myself desperate to itch my head more than I usually would. After about half an hour I washed it out and it came out very nicely, not quite the crazy faux blood splatter it normally is! 

This was the result! A very vibrant strong red, and I am so pleased with the out come! I did my hair around a week and a half a go and washed my hair as normal and the colour is still holding up nicely, so I am very pleased! Also a quick shout out to the conditioner in the box, it is flipping amazing! Really thick and leaves my hair impossibly shiny, I wish they sold this by the bottle! 

Overall I am really really pleased with this dye, over than the itching when waiting for it to develop it puts most hair dyes to shame in terms of performance, and I'm even going back to stock up whilst it's on offer! 

What hair dyes do you ladies use? What would you recommend?


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